“Introduction to Bonsai” workshop

We’ve had a huge interest last weekend from people who are looking to start their bonsai journey so we’ve organised a 2-hour “Introduction to Bonsai” workshop on Saturday 27th April in Mounttown Community Centre. Leave a comment or send us a message if you’re interested in coming along and we’ll see you then.  


April Shows

We had a very busy but brilliant weekend showcasing the clubs bonsai at the Alpine Garden Show in Cabinteely on 6th and the Experience Japan in Phoenix Park on the 7th. The exhibits were put together with bonsai from some of our members and although both days were an early start and late finish we … Continue reading April Shows

Saturday workshop 

The club are holding a workshop this Saturday 26th November.  It's free for all new comers, it is starting at 10am going on till 3 or 4.  It's going to be held in the Mounttown Community Facility,Mounttown  As always bring along a tree or 2 to work on.  Hope to see you there   

Connaught Bonsai Club?

Bonsai Eejit

Could it be that we could now bring bonsai into the last clubless Provence in Ireland?!

Nearly 3 years ago I, on behalf of the Northern Ireland Bonsai Society, helped start the Munster Bonsai Club and a year year the Leinster Bonsai Club. Both are still going strong. Cork and Dublin are the main anchor cities for these clubs and therefore offer a good population in which to recruit new members.

The hard part of bringing coverage to all of Ireland was always going to be the wild west! Connaught lacks the population density of the rest of Ireland but what a place to go hunting yamadori 🙂 I have contact with a few bonsai enthusiasts over that way in Galway and Sligo but never anyone willing to give setting up a club or study group a go…… until now 🙂

I’ve been contacted via my blog by Tim, who not…

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