Date of Next Meeting

We have confirmed the date of our next meeting as Monday 28th July at Balbriggan Community Centre. We have moved from the Friday night to avoid the Bingo 😉 We hope to see you all there again and we know of a few folk who couldn't make it last month who will be joining us … Continue reading Date of Next Meeting

Our First Meeting

What an amazing night in Balbriggan. After an initial hiccup with the parking, now known locally as the 'Battle of The Bingo Hall' 🙂 we managed to get everyone in and settled. We had 18 people on the night, a great turnout for our first meeting. A big thank you to all those who made … Continue reading Our First Meeting

One Sleep Until Meeting

Yes, it's finally here, after months of planning and waiting, we are now ready for the first meeting of the Leinster Bonsai Club. It's in Balbriggan Community Centre and if you are unsure where that is, here are a few maps, click image for bigger picture or just google it youurself 🙂   When you … Continue reading One Sleep Until Meeting

Beech group

Owen's Bonsai

This spring I tried a Beech group planting, I planted 7 but unfortunately 2 died. I don’t know why they were all bought as saplings off the same supplier and I took the same root amount off each tree.

Here’s the planting before it leafed out and how it looks now

You can see in the middle photo the 2 dead trees. I don’t know if it is something I did or something that happens from time to time as this and the hawthorne are the first groups I’ve tried. That being said it will look a whole lot better next year after repotting and replacing the 2 trees.

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Summer Routine Part 3

Robert Nocher Shohin Bonsai

Throughout the summer, when I’m styling or pruning a tree I take lots of cuttings from offcuts, which would otherwise be discarded. When established they require little attention other than regular feeding and watering and in time they will reward you with some useful, and hard to find, material for free.

Here are some itoigawa juniper cuttings I have been potting up recently




This is the parent tree


And here are some Blauws Juniper cuttings taken a year earlier. I hope to use these in a rock landscape composition that I am planning.



This is the parent tree. This is also my current workshop tree. It has undergone some major alterations since this picture was taken and will feature in its own post in the near future


And finally, life isn’t all about work, sometimes you just have to lift up your head and enjoy the view. This laburnum tree in the centre of…

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A day in Ovi’s

Owen's Bonsai

My new bonsai buddy Ovi asked me over to his house last week to have a chat about the new club starting on 27th June. After having a chat Ovi decided to do some pruning of some of his trees. Here’s a few pics of the afternoons work.


I didn’t get a pic of the elm before but it had grown out a nice bit since spring.





While Ovi was pruning the Elm I started on one of his Birches








I hope we didn’t take to much off the drop over next week before the club meeting and see how it’s doing.

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