Monday Meeting

Owen's Bonsai

We had our normal monthly meeting this evening unfortunately some people were unable to attend but no matter we will catch up this Saturday for our workshop. Here is a couple of photo’s of the tree’s






Andrew’s stunning Hackberry.


Before and after carving of John’s BEAST of a Pyracantha.

We have our workshop next Saturday 9am till late with Bonsai Eejit and Phillip Donnelly guiding us trough the day. The boys from Munster will be joining us so it promises to be a great day with plenty of sawdust flying about 🙂

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LBC First Workshop

The clubs first official workshop is just around the corner on Saturday 4th October. We welcome Ian Young and Phil Donnelly from NI Bonsai Society who will be holding an all day workshop in South Dublin. Places are scarce but if you are interested, please use the 'Contact Us' tab at the top and drop … Continue reading LBC First Workshop


Min Bonsai

Hi, my name is Maciej, I am from Bray, Co.Wicklow, Ireland. I have been growing Bonsai since 2007, I’d love to share my adventure with Bonsai over the years. Luckily, i found out about the Leinster Bonsai Club in July 2014 and I joined in with great excitement, it is such good feeling to meet those with same interest and passion. The more time i spend on Bonsai, the more fascinated i am with Bonsai. Now, i need a bigger Garden, a much bigger one, definitely.
I have always been fascinated with handmade pots, i did some study on it online, and i decided to give it a go myself. I worked out the first few batch of pots and i am quite happy with them.i have decided to continue on , i can always design the pots the way i want and use them for the right trees or…

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