Whats It Thuja Part 2 :)

Owen's Bonsai

I recently posted my first try at styling, this Thuja was the culprit, and needles to say it didn’t look to good, in fact is looked brutal. so I got a chance to have another try at it this morning and here is what I came up with.


image (1)

First FAILED attempt


Second attempt



In my mind its 100% better than before. I’m unsure if the smaller trunk adds or detracts from the over all image I’m going for but for the health of the tree I’m leaving it be till I get Plenty of feed into the roots next year.

As usual all comments are welcome.

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Last Official Meeting This Year

Owen's Bonsai

Tonight is the last meeting of the year for us. We are still going to be meeting up to go collecting yamadori ( WITH PERMISSION ) but as far as the meeting go were finished now till January. There will be some changes to the club from January the most important one will be were our meetings are based. The venue is still to be decided but it will be on the south side of Dublin, we are hoping that this will get a few more asses into seats and a few more characters into the club with some different approaches to all aspects of bonsai. Anyway that’s all for next year here is a couple of pics of tonight.



lovely twist on this root over rock Sycamore belonging to john and he also owns that beast of a Holly which was only recently lifted, looking forward to seeing this in leaf

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A Good Days Work

Owen's Bonsai

Here’s pic’s of some of the work that was done today.

First up is initial styling of one of my hornbeams which needed serious attention to put it in the right direction for future development.







Next up is a nursery stock Colorado Blue Spruce (Picea pungens glauca)





All together a very productive day. We also touched on a few other problem trees I have which will be brought to our meeting tomorrow evening to be sorted.

Good Day Good Crack

Happy Camper 🙂 !!!!!!!

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Are we crazy??

Owen's Bonsai

5.30am on a Sunday morning and for normal people if your not still out on the lash your supposed to be in the comfort of your nice warm bed but nope not this fella, I’m up dressed and ready for me Bonsai mate John to pick me up to drive for 2 hours up north for a day of learning at the hands of Bonsai Eejit.

Should be a great day 🙂

Oh and hopefully there will be crispy bacon and eggs with home made bread waiting on us … Dream on sham lol

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